Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sit around and wait...

Today was the day of waits...

2 1/2 hours at DMV this morning. In an effort to save me time, the woman at the desk did my license as a renewal (since I had a NJ license 2 years ago), and then told me that while I was waiting for my picture and such I could go get the title and registration. So, off I go to wait in line for the registration, get it all done, write out the check, get new plates (that I'll NEVER remember), and go sit down to wait for my picture. I look down at the paperwork and it all has my OLD address on it!! UGH... so I had to go have them void it all, and then redo it once I got my new license.

Then 1hr at the Raritan PD trying to get my address changed on my FID card. Should have been easy enough, but they couldn't find a piece of the paperwork. Once everything was found, the detective was really quite nice about it all, and told me that I could just make an appointment with him to finish it all up. So now I really want to go shooting, but couldn't face the idea of the hour long drive to the range right now. Instead, I worked on some knitting. I may finish this tank top before fall.

I forgot what a pain in the butt moving can be... sigh.. maybe I'll order pizza for dinner.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Yes I know that's a lot of exclamation marks, but I'm HOME! I left dad at the hotel on Sunday, they actually took him to the airport for me, and drove through to Indiana. I tried to stop at two yarn shops along the way, but it was 10am when I hit the first (so it was closed) and the one in Chicago didn't have an exit off 94E to get to the highway(or I missed it), and it was already 4:45pm. Camped out overnight, left early the next day and drove like crazy through Ohio and PA.

Didn't hit any traffic till construction on Rte 80 in PA had me sitting and knitting for about an hour and then when I hit the Poconos, traffic got bumper to bumper. I turned off onto 33S, and then took 78 with no problems. Got close to home, called my dad and was told not to come home for a few hours!!! Finally got inside around 8:30pm, hugged my kitties and waited for them to forgive me for leaving them here for so long.

Now, time to finish unpacking the car and let everyone know I'm home about five days before I thought I'd be..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Okay, guess I'm not much of a mall person. Dad and I went through The Mall of America today. We managed to do the whole mall in about five hours. I'll admit, we didn't do a lot of shopping. We did do a lot of taste testing (I love stores with free samples). We did a bit of bargain hunting, and dad actually bought a VERY nice dress shirt at Nordstroms.

Earlier this morning, we went LYS hunting. Found two of them, wasn't too hard to get to. Didn't get anything at the first, Creative Fibers, but she was very nice. Bought some fun stuff at the second store, Needlework Unlimited, but can't tell what I got.

Still haven't found more of the Dale yarn I'm making socks out of... guess I'll only get one pair instead of two out of the yarn I bought. I'll survive, the socks weren't for me :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

200 miles to go...

We have about 200 miles till we hit the twin cities, and we really don't want to get there tonight, so we're goofing off at the library again... The plus side, this one has wireless, so I'm on my own computer... So much easier to use your own, I was able to put up the pictures I promised. I think I've taken over 400 pictures on this trip so far, do you have any idea how hard it is to pick just a few???

In the theme of wasting time today, we goofed off a bit in Sioux Falls this morning. I found both LYS. The first one I found was called Yarn Knit on 8th st. In a really cool old building that's been fixed up a lot. She carries quite a selection of yarn, and was friendly. I'm being good though and didn't buy anything. Shopping for your secret pal is quite hard. That, and trying not to give it away. Second store was Athena Fibers (I love the name). It was in an old Victorian style house (apparently, it used to be a tea house). Room after room of yarn and fiber! Big Bonus, she had my 40 inch needles so now I can try Magic Loop. Also a great selection of yarn. I could probably live in Sioux Falls. They've got a Children's Hospital, got two yarn shops.. all I'd need to order online would be my CTH and Lorna's Laces.

The city also has a neat butterfly house, but yikes it was hot in there. I took some pictures, but I think eskimo pie is going to have enough problems keeping up with the ones above, so I'll wait on these.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quick Update...

Well, we had (and are still having) a great time in SD! I'm sitting at a public library terminal right now, so no pictures, but I'll post them as soon as I can. In one day we went to Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore, over this totally spiral road to Custer National Park (the one with a tunnel that frames Mt. Rushmore perfectly), saw Buffalo... saw more Buffalo, watched idiot tourists try to pet the wild mules, and then wound our way into the Badlands. Spent today in the Bad Lands getting sun burnt! Wow, it's a lot warmer here than I expected. Weren't able to camp out since we hit winds that had to be gusting to at least 40-50mph. Now, I'm about to introduce my father to Cabela's for the first time, and then go see the Corn Palace..

I promise to post pictures when I get a chance.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New toy.. part 2

Well, let's try this again. Between the move and SP from Knitty, I decided that I had to come up with a way to do this. Since my last one bored me to death way too soon (it got one post), I'm hoping I do better with this one.

I've been claimed by a SP who realizes I'm moving, and named him/herself after one of my favorite desserts... YUM!

For those who don't know yet.. I kinda spaced out in Juneau, and missed my ferry by a whole day! The guys at the terminal were WONDERFUL and helped me get on another ferry that landed me in Prince Rupert instead of Bellingham. So I got an unplanned tour of some of British Columbia. Managed to pick dad up in Seattle without getting lost, and we're now in South Dakota after slowly working our way across.

The picture above is the ferry I was supposed to be on, leaving port as the ferry I was on was pulling in.