Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weaving vacation

It's been a bit of a weaving week for me.  Since I finished my time sensitive project, I've been spending some time with my tablet weaving.  I've finished three bands and discovered a few things.  While wool is sticky, it makes a wonderful band.  If I was actually going to sew the band onto something, I'd probably use wool.  Links will take you to the ravelry project page for each band.

wool band, ivy pattern.  

 wool band, modified dancer to make it wider.  Had a bit of trouble with this one, so it's a bit shorter.

Cotton band, hard to see but it's a star of david pattern.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think I either bruised or cracked something in my foot at Krav last night.  I landed a bad kick and jammed my toe.  Made it through the rest of class without a problem, but today it hurts (aches) when I walk and there are some sensitive points on the top of the foot.  Krav is the one time when I wish my genetics didn't include a big toe that is shorter than my second toe.  Makes it much easier to catch my toe if I don't land a perfect kick.