Friday, October 30, 2009

Which color to buy?

Notice anything about the two pictures??? Apparently, I really like blues and browns. It didn't dawn on me till I saw them together (after buying them) that I think I got the same color in the two different weights. One has more blue, but that might be what makes them mill ends. I think they might be "The Witching Hour". The lightweight seems to match that colorway more than the medium.

Okay, forget all that... a bit more research onto Blue Moon's site leads me to believe that the lightweight is "The Witching Hour" and the medium weight is "Strange Brew". Guess I didn't buy two of the same ones after all.

Close up of The Witching Hour

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Un-Spun Sugar

I won't call it spun sugar till I actually spin it... and since it's a pound of fiber, that may take me a while!

The ladies at Decadent fibers sure named their business well! It's a pound of Corriedale roving all dyed up in my favorite colors.

Have a peak inside...

Now for the big question... a pound is not enough for a sweater (for me) and there wasn't any more available. I do have a white Corriedale fleece that is sitting around waiting for me to comb, card and spin.

So... Options:
1. Spin up a pound of each and ply them together to get a DK/light worsted, then try to get a sweater out of it for me.
2. Spin up the pound of pretty and however much of the white I need and make a striped or otherwise two separate color sweater
3. Give up on the sweater idea and come up with something else that uses a pound of fiber.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Stash Enhancement - Rhinebeck Style

Rhinebeck was fun this year... it fell just short of "blast" status because so many people weren't there this year.

I took a class on Friday and Saturday which I thought would limit my shopping, but apparently not.

Meet this year's Rhinebeck haul. One of the skeins in the picture isn't for me, I saw it and thought of a friend who couldn't make it this year. So as soon as I find her addy, it will be sent away.

Close up shots in later posts.. I'm going to try to post more often, but there isn't a lot happening in my life for the next few weeks (except work). I don't see a lot of projects getting done, so I'm going to draw out the Rhinebeck/Stitches posts.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wanderings at WEBS

I apologize to those of you who don't follow along on facebook.  I've been posting stuff there but haven't updated my blog in a month now...

I've been wandering around New England for the past week and today, the wanderings took me to WEBS.

I got my hands on their interchangeable bamboo set of needles.  I will probably stick to my knit picks for now.  The cables included in the kit are hollow plastic tubing (think thin O2 tubing, or slight stiffer IV tubing).  The cable was totally pliable, but I can't see going back to such a thick cable.  It was the one thing I didn't like in the Denise set.  

Besides the thickness of the cable, the needle tips screw on nicely.  The screw on the cable has a small round ball at the end that is pushed into the tubing and gives you a place to hold the cable.  Could they come undone?  I think you'd have to pull rather hard on an assembled needle to pull this out.

The bamboo tips were nice and smooth and short enough to make a 16 inch circ... so if you don't use a lot of 16's, the tips were a bit short.

There was a rosewood set that had just arrived, but they didn't have an open one for me to play with.

When I'm back on my own computer, I'll post some of the pictures from this past week... I'll also try to remember to take some tomorrow at Stitches.