Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cincinnati Bucket List

Well, it's a little more than a week until the movers come and two weeks until I move out of Cincinnati. I still don't know where I'm going, but I've spent the last few weeks either visiting or revisiting sites in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas that I've enjoyed in the past five years.  Oddly enough, most of those have been food places.

In the realm of places I hadn't yet made it to.  My friend was recently visiting from Alaska and we decided to drive down to The Woolery in Frankfort KY.  A very friendly shop with lots of looms and spinning wheels set up.  Lots and lots of weaving yarns, spinning fibers and knitting goodies to play with.  I bought my first linen for tablet weaving while down there.  As an added bonus, there was a well behaved shop dog on a leash to say hi to.

What makes this a trip I'm glad I did now when it was only a two hour drive is that we just didn't spend all that much time there.  Unless you are going to play with the equipment or take forever to pick out yarn, it's just not going to be that long a visit.  Unlike my trips to WEBS and the Mannings which both took at least four hours the first time around.

We did our best to make a day trip out of it, spending some time in a Kentucky craft store, an antique store, a used book store and grabbing a snack.  We still spent more time driving then we did in town.  If it hadn't been so warm, there were probably some things we could have done outdoors.