Friday, July 26, 2013

Boxing Gloves

If you're a woman with smaller hands, finding boxing gloves that fit can be a bit of an issue. There are lots of pink gloves out there, but I found that most of them are exactly the same as the men's with the exception of the color.

I did a lot of searching and found two companies that are for women by women.  One focuses exclusively on boxing while the other has more of a MMA focus.  What I couldn't find was independent online reviews of the different gloves and ended up choosing sort of randomly.

I went with Machina.  They're not the pretty purple ones I was looking at, but black isn't all that bad.  The website has very clear recommendations for hand sizes that fit their gloves.  They even show you how to measure your hand.  They include the best uses for each glove weight so you aren't left guessing if you need a 10 oz, 12 oz or 14 oz glove.  (I ended up with the 14 oz, as the extra padding is recommended for sparring).  They ship quickly and via UPS so it wasn't that expensive.

Those were all my reasons for choosing them prior to getting my gloves.  They came today and I can safely say I'm even more impressed.  First, they're boxing gloves.  They are meant to hit things with.  Despite this fact, they came in a solid box, wrapped in plastic, then bubble wrap and finally a layer of tissue paper.  I tried them on without hand wraps. Yes, I know if you're going to hit something, you should wear them.  Keep in mind that we only wear the gloves so we don't kill our partners.  Krav Maga is meant to be a method of street fighting and no one walks around with their hands wrapped.  They fit well without the wraps, my fingers and thumb resting solidly within the glove.  No sliding around, no fingers not reaching to the finger area.  I decided to wrap my hands and give them another try.  They fit perfectly with the wraps on, even a bit tight, so would be perfect for boxing.

I won't get to spar with them until next week, but I'll let you know how that goes.

Oh, just to prove I still knit:
I finally knit a clapotis.