Thursday, July 25, 2013

I suck at boxing

It's a good thing the guys in my Krav class watch out for me, because I really suck at boxing.  In my defense, I was boxing without my glasses or gloves that fit properly.  For those who don't know me, I'm pretty blind without my glasses.  I took more than one hit to the face today.  It was a good test for my new mouth guard.  I'm happy to say it worked better than I expected and does help cushion blows to other parts of the face.  I got a LoPro+ women's mouth guard.  Yes, it's pink, but it was easy to fit to my mouth and it really does fit well.  I wish I had put it on when we were doing bear hugs tonight, I took an elbow or two to the jaw because I'm shorter than the guys in class and they just didn't realize my head would be so close.  I have a two types of contacts coming in for me to try.  I either need to switch to contacts or sports goggles for Krav.  Even the unbreakable glasses are getting dangerous.

And yes, I still love it.