Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm a woman, I need my own gear

I never hit the button on the purple gloves.  I was having trouble with shipping via USPS costing over $20 for a pair of 14 ounce boxing gloves and a pair of MMA gloves.  Not to mention, an "online" message was never answered.  So I continued to search for gloves and gear.
I just ordered a pair of boxing gloves tonight.  Not purple, not even pink, but they were reasonably priced, created for a woman's hand and shipping was only $8.  They even have a range of hand measurements they recommend the gloves for.
I also found a boil and bite mouth guard made for us girls.  Bought it and some wraps off Amazon, though I'm not sure I'll ever use the wraps. Wraps are for keeping you from breaking your hand if you throw a bad punch, but you don't have time to wrap your hand before a street fight, so you better learn to not throw a bad punch.
I didn't order the new MMA gloves.  Found a pair with a long wrist wrap to help protect your wrist, but I don't know how/if it will decrease my ability to use my hands for other things besides punching.

Can't wait for my gear to get here.  I did some boxing tonight, though it was mostly me chasing around one of the more energetic younger members of the class to work on my footwork since I didn't have a mouth guard in.