Monday, August 11, 2014

I think I've grown up

If you're reading this, you probably know I've left my job and sold my house.  This month should have been packing up, interviewing and goofing off before moving on to the next adventure.  So what has it turned into?  I'm talking to the company that bought the house about staying for part/all of September.

So why am I sticking around for a bit:

1) I have the cats to take of.  If I just take off and explore (which was my original plan) they get uprooted and I lose my trusted pet sitter.  I will do this eventually, but for now keeping them here seems easier if I'm going to be traveling for interviews.

2) Dental mayhem part two.  A tooth that previously had a root canal has been causing trouble and I've learned not to ignore these things.  That's at least three weeks to get everything done.

3) In the age of computers, the application process takes forever.  Places I applied to in July are just getting around to interviewing in September.  Refer back to #1

I still have no idea where I'm going, but for now I'll take care of myself and then head back east for some friend and family time.  The addition of the cats will probably mean hotels instead of staying at friend's homes.  There's enough stress on the cats with the travel and leaving the house, add in a dog or other pets and Opal may never forgive me.

There's also the fact that once I move, I won't have access to the puppies next door.  Though Ellie is now a senior at almost 5.  I've been taking more pictures of the pups, so here is one of Elllie being pathetic on the couch next to me because she was left home while everyone else went to the park on a hot day.