Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I had enough!!!

Okay, okay, I know.. two posts in one day. When I updated this morning, I didn't realize I was going to get so much knitting done today... or that my goodies were going to be dropped off by the nice man in the UPS truck... so

We have a HAT... I know, it's no big deal right? WRONG! This hat is made out of the wonderful Cascade Pastaza that my wonderful secret pal Turtlegirl sent to me. She sent the yarn for a Lucy bag (pictures of unfelted bag below and please excuse my toes) and I was so in love with it I didn't want to make the bag out of it. Turns out.. either you only needed a smidge over three skeins to make the bag, or I was stingy and really wanted some left over! With Lucy done, I had almost a full skein left, and once again, afraid I'd run out of yarn I started a simple top down hat. As you can see, the hat is done and looks great on me.. though it might be hard to tell with the camera covering my face.

Also in the news today... the wondeful UPS guy (well, I truthfully don't know if it's a guy or gal) dropped off a package for me while I was out at the library. Inside we find not one, but two (I did get them on sale) Lantern Moon needle cases. I've been wanting one of these forever, and they NEVER go on sale (well, almost never). Now, I'm trying to decide if I keep both, or if mom gets one for Hannukah... and since she might see this post it won't be much of a surprise.

Finished in the gift department lately... two hats made from a worsted potluck skein of CTH that I got at the sale last year. Now that I've used one of the skeins from my grab bag, does this mean I can buy more???

Not much going on here right now. The nurses are still on strike, and as far as I know, no negotiating sessions have been planned. If this keeps up too long, I may just go back to Alaska for a few months. Enjoy a bit of winter, and help them out a bit.

Went to a knitting group last night. It's amazing how just sitting around with other people and knitting can relax you. (I'm sure the hot chocolate and apple goodie had nothing to do with it)

As for what I'm doing with all this free time. I've gotten a good start on my holiday knitting, though I need to do some designing for the next project. (Sorry, can't say what... I know the person I'm making it for reads this) Your local public library is a wonderful source of things to do. I went yesterday and took out four books and three DVDs. Dad and I (mostly dad) are still working on the third floor. There's actually quite a bit of sheet rock up there now. I'm supposed to be looking for someone to do the taping and painting, so I guess I'll make a few phone calls today.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ottawa, CASP package, Spinning package, and more..

Yes, this is going to be a long post. There's quite a bit of catching up for me to do here.

First: Ottawa

I went up to watch a friend compete in a long range shooting match. It's amazing to watch, though I'll admit, I was the only spectator there. Imagine taking a gun, and shooting at a target that is anywhere from 200 - 900 meters away with NO optical site. You are using your own eyeballs, no augmentation from a lens (unless you wear glasses). To top it all off, before you can go shooting, you have to load your own ammunition! There's one picture of him shooting, and one picture of his great shot. You may need to enlarge that one to see the orange dot in the center of the target... that's right.. he hit the center. I think it was the 800m but I'll admit that I can't remember right now.

Second: Final CASP2 package...

Oh the goodies. It's been so much fun doing the SP rounds, especially since I've started to feel guilty about the size of my stash and have cut back on my yarn buying. (the burly spun for my rug doesn't count.. it's already claimed for a project). My CASP2 pal was CelticCoyote, who spoiled me silly for three months. My final package included more smarties (yum, edible packing material), a skein of Knit Picks Bare in the sockweight along with some Kool Aid to make it into pretty colours, an apple cookbook (that has a magnet so I can hang it on the fridge), a pretty little tin with more stitch markers, a tin of Simpsons mints with Ralph on the front (oh he's my favorite), a sheepy soap and a cute bookmark!

Third: Stitch Markers...

These came from Batty. It's such an interesting way of making them! Hope you don't mind if I copy you. (sorry about the bad picture.. my camera was NOT cooperating... this was the best out of twenty or so shots)

This set is from Egeria, and came all the way from Ireland with a candybar (that didn't make it long enough to be photographed)

Four: Sheepy goodness

The same friend I went up to Ottawa to watch compete got me three sheeps' fleeces earlier this summer. He obtained them from someone he knows who has a hobby farm, so I have NO idea what kind of sheep they are. I got my first practice at skirting a fleece, and then shipped it off to be washed and processed into roving. Apparently, whatever sheep it came from, the fleece was either really dirty or really greasy because the mill washed it twice. The box you see is FULL of roving! It has plans to be wet felted into a pair of boots and the rest will probably get spun up.

Five: Spinning Pal

Yes, another secret pal round, this time focused on spinning! I sent my pal her first package today, but got this in the mail a few days ago. The one on the left is Blue Faced Leichester, and the one on the right is 70% merino 30% silk. The candy in the package didn't make it to publication. I'm a very new spinner and find that I'm scared to try the merino/silk blend... it's sooooo soft that I can't imagine spinning it only to be disappointed in the yarn I make.

I think that's everything I need to get caught up on. There will be more information about my job or lack thereof as I get it. On the FO front, the only things I've managed to finish lately are a few small projects that will probably be gifts.. hence no pics yet. I should finish my Lucy bag this weekend, and hopefully get it felted and take a few pics.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unplanned Vacation

Well, my new job lasted all of six weeks. The nurses went out on strike this morning. I'm hanging in limbo right now. Since I'm still on probation with the hospital, they can terminate me as soon as I don't show up for work tonight... BUT... as an RN at the hospital, I have the union behind me. This is not a fun situation, but I decided that I can't cross. If the RNs are out on strike, who on earth is supposed to finish teaching me how the hospital works? (I'm still on orientation)

On the plus side... more knitting time. On the minus side... if this lasts a while, I'll need to start looking for another job.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Way too much to post right now..

Well, I just got back from a mini vacation (if you can call waking up at 6am every day vacation). I have a ton to post about, but I need to catch up first. So let me say... Celtic, your package got here and is GREAT!; my roving came back from the mill, and there's a ton of pictures I need to post too!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pushy Kitties

I guess I've been ignoring my kitties since I moved back east. They seem so much more needy here then in Alaska. Right now, Seasa is sitting on my stomach trying to get my attention while I've got the laptop on my crossed legs. Opal is curled up next to me, giving me those, 'love me, pet me, brush me' eyes. I'll have to start spending more time with them, after this weekend.

As for this weekend. I'm going up to Ottawa to watch a friend compete in a shooting match. I've been wanting to see this match for years and I'm so excited about going up to see this! I couldn't drive up with him today, so I'm flying up tomorrow. Today, I get to have a nice family dinner. My grandparents are up visiting right now.

My Lucy bag is almost done... I've used three of the skeins I was sent. I was REALLY trying to keep the fourth skein to make myself a hat. I'll probably still get my hat, but I need to wind the skein so I can knit a few more inches on my short strap. Now... time to decide what project to take with me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lucy Bag..

So, taking turtlegirl76's advice, I started my Lucy bag with the yarn she sent me last night. I'm happily knitting away when I realized that on the size 10 1/2 needles, there didn't seem to be much room for felting. So now I'm thinking... go up to 11's, or just keep going and don't have as thick a bag..

Ideas anyone?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Goodies, goodies and more goodies

As promised.. I will post the pics of my final SP7 box today. However, I got a bit side tracked by an air mail envelope that came today. I got a set of stitch markers from Shonze today, all the way from Scotland! She sent a wonderful post card and even made a small bag to hold them!

Now, on to turtlegirl76...

She sent me some lovely 50/50 wool/llama yarn that I'm assuming is supposed to be made into a Lucy bag (she sent me that pattern as well). Only problem is.. I'm not sure I want to felt this yarn. It's yummy colors might not show as well felted. I do however have a VERY large stash of lamb's pride, Cascade 220, and Manos.. so I'm sure I'll find something to make the Lucy bag out of.

Then she sent me a box of crackers from where she works!

Next we have a journal (which will probably stay forever empty.. I'm horrible with those), a calendar, a little purple thingy to hold up a pattern or paper, a "M" sticky pad and a set of candle holders. Don't worry about not sending candles, I have plenty!!

And finally, two lace patterns! I love both of them, but can't start a new one till I finish the one I'm on..

Thanks Turtlegirl76! You were an awesome secret pal! I still want packing lessons! She got all this into a flat rate box!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Not a bill..

I love getting mail that isn't a bill! In the past few days I've recieved stitchmarkers from two more pals. Thank you to SGeddes and Esther! Esther's are on top, and the ones from SGeddes on bottom. I love all these stitch markers... now, I just need to start a project or two where I can use them.

Then there was my first attempt at spinning.... I decided to felt it.. there wasn't that much there, it was very uneven, and well... you can see the picture. It felted down to a VERY thick pad (forgot to take a picture of that). I'm practicing right now with some alpaca roving I got at a local fair.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Death of a Stringman...

Bah... my new string bag died today. The yarn wasn't tightly plied and I knew it easily could pull apart but this was annoying. I put my four library books in, slung it over my shoulder and headed to the library. I hit the library and there is a HUGE hole in the bottom part of the bag. It looks like about four rows of stitches got broken, since there's about eight little ends. I'm not sure I can even fix this one. I was going to make these bags as holiday gifts, but if they're that delicate I really can't.