Saturday, November 18, 2006

On the lack of internet access

I apologize to all those who came looking for yarn pr0n this week, and to those who come looking just to see what's going on in my life.

I'm currently moving into an apartment close to work so I don't have this horrible huge commute, but I'm without any internet access except for Panera. Now.. this wouldn't be totally horrible, except I've discovered that the battery in my laptop is good for all of five minutes of use and I can't always find a place to plug it in.

Hopefully this situation will be remedied this week.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let's play catchup..

A few things to catch up on.. you never realize how nice your high speed connection is till you are not only without that, but without dial up as well.

Work: Going great, I spent today on my unit and liked it a lot. Heidi and everyone else were super nice.

Apartment: Got a really cute one well within my budget. Hope to be moving in on the 15th, but until then, G has kindly agreed to let me stay with him so I don't have to commute.

Knitting: Had our first Monday night knit in at Barnes and Nobles this week. It was only the three of us, but so much fun we stayed an hour later than planned! I'm so glad I found some gals to sit and gab with.

Now.. since I know I won't be online till very late tomorrow night.. here are a few pics (yes I'm recycling.. I don't have much yarn here with me to shoot)

The two Mountain Colors Bearfoot skeins I got side by side... anyone see a pattern?

A wool/silk blend I wanted to buy but couldn't wrap my head around the cost..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday news..

Well, today was my first day of orientation.. and I knitted through the whole thing. How on earth do they expect adults to sit for eight hours doing nothing but listening to people talk????

On the housing front.. I found a place I really like and can afford. I will be putting in my application tomorrow and should know by Wednesday at the latest. If I get it, I can move in on the 15th. Hopefully, G will let me stay with him till then so I can avoid commuting.

On the knitting front.. well, I'm knitting up a storm here, but with no camera, there are no pics.. Tonight is the first meetup of the new weekly group I invented along with two other women on Saturday night.. we'll see how it goes.

And for those of you posting from AK... leave your names! :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Yarn Pr0n Friday

Wow.. I'm one distracted cookie this week.. I knew I needed to get to the net today, but couldn't remember why till I looked at Turtlegirl's site.. whoops..

Okay... I kinda promised handspun.. but since I haven't been home, I haven't really been spinning. This was the handspun from my first lesson, as you can see, I was spinning whatever fiber I was handed (hence the grey and blue in there..) This has since been knitted up and felted into a pot holder.

This is the Galway I eluded to in my last post... I've never seen one with different colour plys before... So, I only have one skein, any ideas? I'm getting sick of hats. (plus, I don't really wear them.. my hair is thick enough I usually don't need one)

On the housing front.. this sucks... I hate looking for a place to live. A bit more running around this afternoon.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Winner, Packages and Flash your Fiber Stash..

Edit: OMG... I totally forgot to flash my fiber stash earlier today.. why did I think I had till the 15th? Sorry.. the pics are a bit cheezy.. but here's my fiber stash.

from top left: 2 oz Angora (it had to stay in the bag, the cats were way too interested), 8 oz handdyed blue wool. Second row: 8 oz Corriedale, unknown purple stuff that I'm assuming is wool, 4 oz brown/red alpaca. Squished in the middle.. 2 oz 70/30 merino/tussah blend in two different colours with 4 oz of black alpaca in the middle (I'm voting for suri alpaca.. it's much different than any other alpaca I've seen) Bottom row: 8oz Romney, 4oz merino and ? amount of Grafton's Fibers handdye. All of it is sitting on the remainder of the three fleeces a friend obtained for me at the start of the summer.

A few more pics.. closeups taken prior to my crazy and hectic week..

Close up of the multi-wool handpaint
I love this one... it reminds me of a meandering stream.. I can't wait to see how it spins up!
Okay.. this one isn't in my stash.. but I wanted the sheep it was attached to.. I thought I'd throw it in for fun. (for those who know what I look like.. this sheep and I share the same hair type)
A close up of the Grafton Fibers batt.. didn't quite catch the purple..

First.. let me congratulate Ikkinlala. Her name of Oliver won the Name my Wheel Contest.

I got two packages this week while I wasn't at home...

First one from my CASP Pinched Penny. First you see what I did when I opened the package.. very creative! Next picture is of the box itself once I took off the first layer of paper. Inside were spiders, pencils, candy, a finger puppet and a skein of Galway that I'm hiding till Friday.. since I think it will be my yarn pr0n. I will say I've never seen a skein of Galway that isn't a solid colour.

Second Package, from Queen Cat on Caffiene, my Spooky SP. There's going to be a lot of felting in my future. She sent a pattern for a pumpkin treat bag.. though since it's now past Halloween.. the yarn may become something else.. Two skeins of solid green and one handpaint of Knit Picks Bulky WotA (these might need to become slippers.... I have to think on this). Nerds (yummy), chocolate (yummier), a cute kitty card deck (okay, it's a bit creepy), a witches hat votive holder and some sticky notes.

Bonus package.. a swap from England, compliments of LittleMy. Complete with some interesting chocolate... hmm... must not eat all the candy in one day.