Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a good way to end the day

This is so not what I want to see at the end of the day.

2 y/o socks made out of STR: silkie with a slip stitch heel. And the yarn is so felted together that even if I had leftovers, I'm not sure I'd be able to repair it. Not to mention that there are at least two other places that are getting so worn through they'll soon open up.

RIP. I may borrow Bezzie's idea and make these into hanging plant holders. Strawberries maybe??

Friday, March 12, 2010

Water, water everywhere..

***WARNING, Loopy Ewe Sock club pictures included in this post***

As I sit here listening to the rain come down (with the occasional thunder clap) I'm taking the sock that I've been working on all week to the frog pond.

Why you ask? The pattern that came with this month's sock club kit includes slipped stitches along the top of the foot to break up the striping. The stitches are slipped for two rounds before being knit again. While the pattern is easy to memorize and looks visually interesting, it pulls in your knitting unless you knit _REALLY_ loose. It is pulling in so much that my sock that measures 10 inches long doesn't fit my foot.

Oh well, time to frog and start over. I really like how the bottom of the sock is turning out, so I may do a nice, simple, plain sock.

March sock club selection with the two shawl sticks that came in the package. The non-sock pattern included this month was a cute little shawl/scarf.
The top.
The bottom

Friday, March 05, 2010

New Socks!

I signed up for a sock club this year. Part of the deal with myself was that I would knit up each shipment as they arrived. I don't have to do the pattern that comes with the yarn, but I do have to knit it up.

My first package shipped today, so I had to hurry up and finish the socks I was already working on... so...


Okay, I cheated and took the pics before I finished the sewn bind off.. but it's done now.


Yarn: Panda Sox by Dye Dreams - 80% Superwash 20% bamboo. A nice, smooth, yarn. It didn't split much as I was knitting with it and shows off the patterning very nicely.
Needles: KP size 2.25
Pattern: Can't remember which Cat Borhdi architecture I used, but I've figured out that all the toe up ones with a heel flap are basically the same. The only difference is where you put the increases. Since I like heel flaps, it limits choices a bit.

They are very green and I love how they came out. Yarn was bought at Stitches East last fall.