Sunday, June 07, 2009

Why I don't see more movies

$17... that's what it cost for me to go to the movie (and I caught an early price one), get a medium popcorn and a medium drink.  That's insane.

But... I wanted to see Star Trek before it left the theater.  As someone who spent most of high school and college deeply involved in the Star Trek fan world, I just had to see it.  I had heard that it broke canon (and boy did it.. but they managed to do it with an explanation) and I wasn't sure I'd like it.  Well... I did enjoy it.  It's not one I'd go see twice in the theater but it was worth the $17 afternoon.

Here's my question... are they setting us up for something?  Now that they've basically changed the whole universe is this going to end up being a series of movies or even a TV show?  Anyone know?

Friday, June 05, 2009

On the kindness of strangers

As a single woman, I'm always leery about placing or answering an ad on craigslist.  Granted, having a loaded 9mm helps a bit.

Today, I placed an ad for free carpeting, hoping to get rid of the carpet that I had pulled up when I moved into the house.  I couldn't get it down to the basement by myself, so it's been sitting in the kitchen.

I got ten replies in about two minutes.  I picked the one that sounded the most normal, left a phone number and could be here quickly.  He got here as quickly as he promised, but we discovered a flaw in my plan... I had over estimated the size of the piece and it wouldn't work for him.  Now... not only didn't he get upset, but he helped me carry both pieces down to the basement and wouldn't take anything in return but a soda.

It's nice to know there are still good, kind people out there.