Friday, April 24, 2009

My life in a nutshell

As of Thursday at 1:30pm, I will be a home owner!  I'm very excited, but totally scared at the same time.  For some reason, they left it till today (who expects people to get stuff done and call you back on a Friday) to tell me they need more info.  To top it all off, I've changed the source I'm using for my downpayment (rolling over old retirement accounts is NOT a quick event) so I'm not sure how/if that will change things.  I'll be spending next weekend pulling up carpeting and praying the hardwood floors are in decent shape.

I love my job, but I really wish I could do it already.  On the plus side, I have a LOT of time to learn the hospital, unit, patient population, etc.... on the minus side, I'm getting antsy.  The nurses on the unit (most of my patients are all on one floor), in clinic and in the transplant office are great.  They've been really good about including me and making sure my orientation is very thorough, but I'm ready to play more on the medical side.

Knitting wise... well, I finally gave in and started a Branching Out.  It will be my gift to my preceptor (I'm pretty sure she doesn't know about this site).  My socks are languishing in "I don't wanna finish" land and the baby sweater needs a sleeve but I'm not a fan of cotton (even if it's a cotton blend and not painful on my hands).

This weekend, I'll head up north to a fiber festival, so I don't go through total withdrawal before Rhinebeck this fall.  Of course, Brooks Farm won't be there... so I'm not sure how well this plan will work.  Anyone want to send me some from MD?  Mas Acero, two skeins... the one skein I had didn't make a very large shawl (I actually turned it into a short sleeve shrug).

Monday, April 06, 2009

Button Collecting

Some people collect campaign buttons... I collect thrift shop buttons.  I've been treating myself to a weekly trip to the thrift shop.. usually on Monday when everything is on sale.  So far, I've built up quite a new button collection.

The neutrals... though the round blue ones could be considered boy.

His... I never realized how hard it is to find buttons that aren't floral.

Oh yeah... flowers.  I hope the gals at work are having girls.  For some reason, a lot of the sweaters here only had four buttons, so I guess I'm making a lot of slippers.

More her's.  The ones in the back are shiny red hearts, the ones in the middle are brass colored hearts with a flower design on them.

On the house front.  I'm meeting the home inspector tomorrow to take a more in depth tour of the house.  Cross your fingers it all goes well.

On the job front.  My license is now pending, so I figure it should be a week or two till I'm officially an Advance Practice Nurse in Ohio.