Sunday, May 17, 2009

For mom

who has yet to join facebook so she can see what I'm doing there, my life in a nutshell.

I moved into the house on Saturday.  Packing the cats took longer than packing up the car.  They knew something was up and were hiding under the bed.  No amount of treats could get them out.  Oddly enough, it was sitting on the bed watching TV that did it.  They are so eager for attention that once I normalized the situation, out they came looking for love.

I had an unexpected trip to the apple store because the case on my laptop cracked.  Thankfully, I have applecare on this thing, or that would have been a $180 repair.

I could live at Lowe's... except for the crummy selection of strawberry plants.  I got a few bird feeders, a hose and some stuff to kill the wasp nest in the window.  I also scored a half price aerogarden, so I'm going to have lettuce or tomatoes all winter... I haven't decided which one yet.  I may just go back for a second one.

I mowed my front lawn for the first time yesterday.  It started raining before I could do the back.

I slept in the house last night, on the floor.  Why I didn't pack my hiking pad is beyond me.  Today, I go to Ikea and buy a new mattress.  I'll probably use the setup that is currently in NJ for the upstairs.

I still need to buy a washing machine.  I also just signed up for internet access, so that will take at least a week.  I've decided against cable for now.  Most of the shows I like are online, so I signed up for the highest speed they offer.  It will probably be cheaper for me to buy itunes versions of the shows I like than to have cable for the year.

I will not be getting a landline, so my phone number will stay the same.  I also have a cell from work, so if anyone out there wants an Ohio number to get a hold of me, let me know.