Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not so current..

As my mother was quick to point out, I've been bad at updating this thing lately.  A few things contribute to the lack of updates.  1.  No batteries for the camera (and I keep forgetting to buy new ones)  2.  School  3.  School  4.  School

For those who are keeping track, that's a lot of school.  On the plus side, as of August 15th, I will have my Masters in Nursing (as long as I pass my classes this semester).

I've started looking for jobs, but I've decided to not rush it and will probably move back to Jersey when school is over.

On the minus side of trying to get everything done.. I think my car needs to go into the shop.  It's making way too much noise when I drive it.

Friday, July 04, 2008

I do still knit...

Well, I still knit sometimes.  Though, I seem to be on an anti-sock kick.  I'm working on a pair I started in April and they aren't going anywhere quickly.

I have started to knit quick projects, when I'm not working on fish for the blanket.

Here's my latest project.  Dusty the dust bunny.  He was a thank you gift for one of my preceptors.

I need to get safety eyes for the next one I make.

Pattern: Dust Bunnies by Mochimochi land
Yarn: random stuff from the stash
Needles: size 6 double points
Time: not long, though I started him before camp and finished him afterwards.