Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well, if anyone is still reading this...

I've been unable to move my laptop for over three weeks due to my power cord. The pretty white cords for the old powerbooks have a tendency to snap, and mine was holding on by a mere thread. Since my battery dies after five minutes of use, I was forced to leave my poor laptop where it was in order to maintain it. I've since gotten a new power cord, and ***** Apple.. I went and got a third party cord for half the price. Can someone please tell me why I'm still considering a new Mac? :)

In knitting news... a group of us are meeting every Monday night from 7-9pm at the B&N on Rte 33 and Freemansburg Ave in Bethlehem. It's a great group and I'm finally getting some of my finishing work done.

FO (without pics, since I forgot the cable... )

One baby blanket out of a mystery cotton that I got on a cone... I'm assuming it's cotton because it burns very nicely.

My sister's flip top thrummed mittens. I was forced to give them to her... she was complaining it was rather cold out.

Socks for me out of Lorna's Laces Sheppard Worsted. I used one skein (I only had one), made them toe up and on size 3's (yes that hurt my hands). They are warm and thick, but I was disappointed with the yarn. In about six or seven spots, one of the plies had a knot it in. Now, this stuff doesn't spit splice, and they didn't bother me enough that I would weave in ends.. but I wouldn't buy the yarn again.

Mittens for Dulan, got to use up all the leftovers..

A pair of felted clogs for one of mom's friends... I made her a pair for Christmas last year and she managed to wear MULTIPLE holes through the soles... I have NO idea how she did that.. but I figured that was enough of an accomplishment that I had to make her new ones.

Notice my shawl isn't on this list.... I haven't touched it since I moved :(

UFOs/works in progress:

Shoalwater Shawl (I will finish this one day)
Grey socks for a friend (I may not finish these... )
Socks for my sister (I'm tired of her moaning and groaning)
Rogue!!!! I love this sweater... I'm on my second sleeve.. (I started with those first)

Hopefully I'll be posting more now that my power cord situation is taken care of... now if I can just remember to bring the cord for the camera..