Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back on the mats

Okay, almost a year this time.  I seem to have a yearly cycle where I get sick of facebook and don't want to post too much there.

I'm five months out from my shoulder surgery.  I was originally told I could return to Krav at six months, but I've been doing so well that my surgeon actually released me for Krav a month ago.  Why did I wait the four weeks?  Well, I couldn't do a push up without it hurting at that time and you do a lot of push ups in Krav.

So I've been back a week.  I've discovered that the bond between classmates doesn't dissolve over a five month absence.  I've also discovered that no matter how much strength training and bike riding you do, it's not enough to keep you in shape for Krav.  Yes, I'm very, very, very sore right now.  My quads are not happy with me and I may have torn something in my left one today during drills.

I tested up to Level 1 just before I went out for surgery, so this has been my first week of level one skills.  How cool is it to go back to a class where the top three moves are hit the groin, gouge the eyes and bite the neck?  This is why I love Krav.  No bull, no rules, just doing what you need to survive.  Level one is when we start sparring, so I've started looking for gear.  I found purple boxing gloves, can't wait to order them!