Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Almost quicker than knitting

Weaving tends to be much quicker than knitting.  I can finish a woven shawl in less than two days (including setting up the loom).  This, however, took a bit longer.  I warped the loom for this project in May and just today finished the fringe and washed it.  I love how it came out.

I'm almost sorry I have to give it away.  See... my grandfather is turning 90 in a few weeks.  That's a big birthday no matter how you look at it and big birthdays deserve big gifts.  I'm just glad I got it done in time.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


So after a whole post complaining about my bumps and bruises....

I had class again today.  All the guys I partnered with on Thursday are fine, so at least I'm the only one with bruises from whatever happened.  The guy I partnered with today is new to class and close to my height, so every time he stepped back he landed on the outer aspect of my foot.  Not broken, but it's going to be a HUGE bruise by tomorrow.

Bumps and Bruises

Those of you who have known me for a while (and actually get to see me) may have noticed that I've dropped a good bit of weight in the past year. I've done it using an iPhone app that helps me count my calories and have tried to keep it to 1200 calories/day.  That's not exactly a lot of food, but except for nights out with friends it's worked well for me.

After a year, I hit a plateau.  Despite being good, I went a bit over a month without dropping any weight. Mind you, I may not have been as good as I thought, there were a few out of town trips in that month... but I decided it was time to add exercise to this program and see what that does.

So I've started taking a full contact (we do use safety pads for punching/kicking) martial arts class.  I expected some bumps/bruises and really expected sore muscles.  The sore muscles have improved over the course of a month and with the addition of a protein/carb snack immediately after class.  The bumps/bruises are getting more creative.

I can't even figure out how I got the most recent one.  How do you bruise your shoulder blade learning choke releases?  Best I can figure out, when I dragged one of my partners over my back their chin hit my shoulder blade.  Considering how annoying this is, I really hope that whichever partner I did this with is okay.  Guess I'll have to use the other side today.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Still Alive

It's been over 18 months since my last post.  Why?  Well, I started playing on facebook to communicate non-knitting information and ravelry for knitting information.  Still in the background was the knittyboard.  My first knitting home on the internet, that encouraged me to start this blog because of the inability to post photos and all the wonderful swap packages that found their way to me.

Knittyboard is going away soon and it got me thinking about this blog.  Facebook seems too public, my status updates are force fed to my friends unless they've already gotten sick of me and have unsubscribed from my status updates.  Ravelry is just too big.  I belong to over 10 groups and wouldn't call myself active in any of them.  So.. back to the blog.  A place where I can post anything I want, in as long a post as I want and only those friends who care enough to keep up with me after two years of silence and people who type odd things into search engines will find me.