Saturday, July 31, 2010

Worth coming back for

I love doing knittyboard swaps. My box came today, and what a box. This is a very pic heavy post and what you don't get to see was my grinning face the whole time!

What I saw when I opened the box:

That cute little purse that is sitting on top:


folded up.. the stitching on this is done wonderfully. I'm so jealous of people who can sew a straight line.

Included in this wondrous box of hand made goodies... a kitty cat pouch. I'm having trouble getting this one away from the girls.

The bubble wrap was hiding this... a jar of home made apricot jam. (It's already half gone)

Cute lid:

Second layer of the box:

Yummy alpaca yarn to play with... maybe some nice wristlets.

Some very melted but hopefully yummy candy (it's in the fridge right now)

World's cutest bag/pouch. My current project has already moved in.

Inner view, cute little pocket.

quilted coasters.. already put to use on the living room table. My felted pot holders are glad they no longer have to do double duty.

Cute little note pad, already drafted into use.

Thank you so much Gwendolen, this was a wonderful way to start the day!